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更好的技术, 让人们的生活更美好。

魏凡丁, 于2014年毕业于浙江大学自动化(控制)专业, 2011-2014参加浙江大学国际设计研究院设计创新班修读工业设计双学位。

魏凡丁目前的主要研究方向是深度学习在图像处理方向的应用。 2014年他加入了一创业团队,主要负责WEB端服务器, 随团队从A轮做到C轮, 受益颇丰。15年他加入微策略Infrastructure团队, 从事分布式计算框架(如Mesos), ZooKeeperCI相关。

同时,他也参与开发了公司的环境部署与代码集成工具EcoSystem的开发, 基于GoogleTest的单元测试框架的开发和应用等。

同时, 魏凡丁热爱研究互联网产品与设计。在从浙江大学获得工业设计学位后, 他并未停止产品方向的研究和学习。 参与设计并开发了“邻仓”等产品。 并在微策略的工作中, 兼任过Scrum master, 学习和了解了包括Slack等多个项目管理工具。

业余生活中, 魏凡丁热爱旅游, 足迹遍布欧亚美州。他还喜欢游泳和网球。

Better Technology, make people's life better.

WEI Fanding was graduated from Zhejiang University in 2014, major in Automation, double major in Industrial design with an elite program as SDI(Studio of Design and Innovation) from International Design Institute of Zhejiang University.

As a programmer, he focuses on deep learning especilly its application on computer vision, and is strongly interested in research about algorithms and relevant problems. Firstly he joined a startup company after graduation as a lead programmer for web server development. In 2015, He joined MicroStrategy focusing on distributed system(eg. Mesos), ZooKeeper and CI.He also took part in the development of MicroStrategy's Environment deployment and code integration tool, as well as unit test framework based on GoogleTest.

Fanding is also continuously learning at the area of product design after got this double major degree on industrial design. He deigned and developed the product "LingCang" during his spare time.

Finally, Fanding like to travel, has been to many countries in Europe, Asia and America. He also likes swimming and tennis.

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